Mared B.V.
Who are we

Mared B.V. was founded 2012/2013 by owner and president Edwin de Wit after working 24 years for Radio Netherlands International Relaystation on Bonaire, the last several years as the Chief Transmitter Engineer.

Extensive experience was collected in high power electronics and the maintenance/repair of 500kW shortwave transmitters. Leading a team of 8 people, maintenance and repairs were carried out, the latter often in the middle of the night. Operators made sure during the night shifts that availability was at the maximum achievable. 

Other disciplines that were involved are

  • studio/audio equipment
  • satellite groundstation design and installation
  • Siemens PLC's for automation
  • quality measurements of electronic installations using all sorts of high end equipment
  • Middle Management diploma

Now this experience is available to the various industries and people on Bonaire and beyond.

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