Mared B.V.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Mared BV is leading in designing and dimensioning solar systems. All too often sellers lure customers into buying a system that is not capable to meet the expectations of the customer. Let alone to handle bad weather.

Mared BV is different. Customer satisfaction is #1 and will give a honest advise on how a system should be constructed and dimensioned so that the customer can be satisfied with its performance.


  • An educated and proper calculation of the energy needs
  • If applicable, advise on a correctly sized battery bank so that batteries won't die prematurely
  • A grid tied system that will deliver the reduction of costs that the customer wants
  • Advise on how to scale a grid tied system
  • A construction for mounting the solar panels that can withstand bad weather
  • Waterproof and UV resistent outdoor wiring
  • Correctly sized wire diameters for the amperage and cable length

Excellent 235Wp Trina solar panels on stock - $350.00 each - quantity discounts possible, please ask


Growatt 20kW
Top quality 20kW three phase inverter in stock, rated #2 by Photon Labs in Germany


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